Text in English:
Three months. I miss football. I like supporting my team. I also like playing. So quiet and all that? No, I’m calling David. Wake up, David.
The phone’s vibrating. Stefano is crazy. Hey, what’s going on here? Ah, I see.
You want me to call? Hmm… I don’t know. I’ll try to call others. Nikolai, who is very creative. Wait. I also want to wear the T-shirt from GSV Karlsruhe. I like it very much. Then I will call Nikolai. Nikolai, wait!
Much better! Nikolai, wake up! Hey, Nikolai! Others told me we have a problem. Do you have any ideas?
Call, call, call. David is calling. Hey, David, you called me. What’s up? Am I creative? Don’t oversleep and go to work.
Hmmm yes. We’ll do something… a fundraiser. The donations will go to GSV Karlsruhe. We are fighting against Corona Virus! Maxime, don’t be lazy! No! I’ve invaded, I’ll call him!
Hey, what’s up? Yeah, I’m on vacation at the beach. Hmmm, do I have to give birth? Hmmm ok.
So, you’re buying us and for that you get a ticket. You want to know more about ticket? Nah, I’d rather call Kevin. No, I’d rather call Kevin.
Hey, Maxime, thanks for the call! Yes, I’ll gladly continue to gesture. Unfortunately, Corona Virus prevented us from playing soccer and futsal. That’s why we need your financial support Donate, and you’ll get a ticket What can you win? Hmm. Next up, I’m gonna call my brother Robin.
Hey. Thanks for calling, Kevin. They want to know about the prize. Like what? It’s surprising. There’s not just one winner to give away. There could be others to win! Our team has many ideas for the prize! Let us surprise you! How can I donate? Simply transfer the money to a Paypal or bank account. We team would be very happy if you would participate in the fundraising campaign! Goodbye!
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